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We are passionate about realising the potential offered for immersive, collaborative, experienced based working and learning made possible through online gaming and associated technologies.

Virtual and Augmented reality techniques applied to collaboration provide an experience based approach to learning, a means of rapidly developing a deep situational awareness of current and emerging operational status, and visualising and experiencing designs of buildings not yet constructed.

We are focussed on delivering innovative, effective business, social and educational high value solutions to our client base.


Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies.


Multi-user collaboration, irrespective of geographical location


Expansive multi-sensory interaction with the virtual environment


'I do and I understand' approach to learning experience

The power of Virtual Environments

Every day, millions of people who have never met in person, work together to achieve improbable goals. They do this by remotely collaborating with others, in real time, sharing plans, ideas, agreeing on tactics, taking responsibility for their actions and trusting each other to do as they commit and living by the outcomes. Generations who grew up with online gaining freely use advanced technology to gather information, assess situations and action plans, apply experience, take action and monitor results, all the while discussing options and progress with each other. Very few organisations are prepared and able to exploit these new 'life' skills within the work, service or learning environments.

Leveraging the power of online gaming technology.

As businesses strive to achieve ever greater competitive edge, and public services drive for ever deeper connection to their citizens, the potential for this pervasive, collaborative, engaged approach grows with each innovation. Gaming technology for industry, gaming technology for public sector, not for play, but for business efficiency and for cost effective, focussed, customised service delivery.


Our primary focus areas

Arch & Archaeo Viz

Architectural Visualisation builing on BIM initiatives to deliver VR multi-user models affording users an opportunity to experience and respond to layouts and designs in the virtual company of architects and designers.

Archaeological reconstruction offering access to, and insights into history and how people lived.

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborative, information rich virtual spaces shared with co-workers across the globe used to support informed, timely, and effective decision making.

Experiential Learning

The often mentioned 'Learning Experience' becomes learning through experience when the student and mentor share life-like, safe, configurable immersion in virtual environments.



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